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The first visit to your gmail email account

The first visit to your new gmail email account after creation can be a bit messy , but knowing what each option on the screen everything will be much easier. After login with the information provided when you created to access your inbox mail , where you will be able to perform all the actions that you need in this form of communication .

At the top of the screen, particularly in the right area , the ability to share what you most want the social network google plus, plus the number of notifications that are your social profile is displayed. From this place , and discussing and see what’s new , you can directly access your google + profile .

Also in this area , we provide the ability to view your profile on gmail and close or change the account , there is a possibility you to manage multiple gmail accounts to log in simultaneously.

Email log in Gmail

On the left side of the screen are the options for managing your emails : You compose a new email, the emails written by you to other contacts, emails writing and unsent saved in drafts … From this area you can assign to your mails marked important or prominent , for them to offer faster.

Also in this area there is a drop down menu where you can check the list of emails deleted from the inbox ( in the bin option ) or gmail emails that qualifies as spam because they can harm your computer . Gmail qualifies as junk or spam that condition is not satisfied to be completely safe in the event that you consider that if you are no problem can recalificarlo as such and thus will appear in your inbox some mails Normal .

Finally, from the gmail inbox you can talk to your contacts gtalk . Adding other people in your contact list you can communicate with them in IM without leaving your home page gmail .

The interface used by Google to log into gmail is very intuitive and easy , so you should have no problem in using even the most experienced and accustomed to the use of Internet users, even the most novice people who are not familiar with a computer.

How to manage your contacts in gmail email

Many people , even gmail gives you the possibility of merging all email accounts into one for easier use , prefer to have only one , resulting disorder may appear . People you know from different areas come together in the same list of contacts that can eventually make it seem like everything is a mess.

Therefore , this article will try to address the advantages of having an organized mail gmail setting where your other contacts as hotmail or yahoo among others, are in one place and gives you the possibility divide your list contacts in different circles , depending on the deal you have with each of them .

To begin entering contacts and manage your account , the first thing to do is to log in into your gmail page. Once we are in the inbox of the email , we headed to the upper left of the window where we can see ” gmail ” we drop down the menu and choose ” Contacts” .

We see completely changes the look of the window when session starts gmail , but then return to the type of display you already know .

Once we are in ” contact ” can now add to new acquaintances in the ” New Contact” which is a red button on the left side of the screen; adding contact in this way, you can not just put your name and email, but you can add information to the phone or the date of birth, to alert you on the day of his birthday.

Thus, the gmail contact list acts as a personal agenda.

Once you have added all the contacts you want it to be on your list , you have to add the groups you will divide .

To create the categories we access ” new group ” button in the menu on the left side of the window. Having chosen a name that group will appear in the menu under ” my contacts ” .

To add a contact to simply enter in the selected category and click on the top button on a doll with a ” +” symbol appears group. You just add any of the information , the contact you want is selected and you are within the group. You can also organize, within the same group , all contacts from the name or surname.

This is a very simple way to have all your contacts sorted gmail email to access them quickly .

How to create a gmail email account and login

Creating an email account in gmail is very simple. Just by following a few steps you will have a very intuitive gmail email and can log in to communicate with anyone you want.

The first thing you have to do to open a gmail account is to access their website. You can do it directly from the address bar by typing or from where in the top of the page there is the option of entering all google applications , including gmail .

Once on this page click on the ” Create Account “, fill a simple form will appear:


  • Username. This will be your gmail email address is unique , so you’ll have to find one that is available . Think that is the name you will see everyone and you to write down when you have to give your email to someone else.
  • Password . Do not use a common password to avoid security problems. Must be at least 8 characters and the same system tells you if the password is secure or not.
  • Confirm Password.
  • Date of birth.
  • Sex.
  • Mobile phone and current mailing address. These two options are used as a safety measure . It is likely that at some point the system sends you a text message with a verification code to not use the account without your consent.

Accept the terms of service , and you have your gmail email.

The next step , you can ignore and skip , is the ability to add a profile photo associated with your account , which is used in the use of other google applications like gtalk or social network , google plus.

From this point you can already enjoy your mail gmail log in , the same page will take you to the inbox of your email. This account can be used on all google services .

When you first enter in your gmail inbox , you’ll see that you have already received from the computer of a google email. You can review them , as they will explain how to customize your mail even offer a guided tour of all the options offered to meet them all in depth visit.

From now on every time you want to access your account simply enter the login data ( email and password) to log in gmail.

Incorporates Gmail preview emails in the inbox

Most email services such as Hotmail or Yahoo! allows users to enable an option by which they can display the contents of an email without having to open that email and leave the inbox. Gmail offered this possibility to access from a tablet and now has spread to the version for desktop browsers.

The email service of Google, continuing with the updates that have been added over the weeks for both the web version and the mobile version has built-in preview pane with a new feature in Gmail Labs Users will enjoy this new function by enabling the Labs tab in Gmail.

Once activated, the user will see in the upper right corner of the message list is a button that lets you change the way you preview messages are displayed. You can choose between horizontal , vertical or preview sometime may decide to deactivate do with ‘ Not Split’ option even resize occupying the preview pane.

As occurs in other email accounts, each email should be displayed for a minimum of three seconds to be marked as read , but the user can also change this option.

Gmail Sign up, easy and fast

While Gmail , Google Mail has been updated and is providing an almost unbeatable service , it is true that for registering always been difficult, since its inception team tried to limit the number of new entrants to their platforms.

Open an account with Gmail

Today is much more open , we just have to go to the Create Account button and fill out a form like Hotmail, Yahoo and other popular mail.

The following tutorial to explain how to create an email account in Gmail platform .

The first thing to do is Log in to and then click the button “Create Account ” to go to the form, once we enter this section we introduce our data to finally open the account because the form is too long and many have problems to complete we explain more in detail.

  • Name: here ask us to place our full , including the name , this data can then be changed to private if desired.
  • Username : You must enter the name you want for your gmail account , you can use your name, alias, or the name of your company. Must not because the same system and then add it .
  • Password: This is extremely important to be a password that you remember , you can use combinations of words that are a familiar and easy to memorize.
  • Remember password: to know you’ve entered your password correctly, the system will ask Google to repeat the previous step, if there is a fault between the two will have to check the error. It can be tedious, but it is better that these insurance at this time , because then it will be late , can not be accessed without a password validation and recovery of accounts is difficult in Gmail .
  • Date of birth: may seem unimportant , it is relevant if at any time the Gmail team some verification calls , so we recommend placing the actual date .
  • Sex: simple, all you have to is select between man / woman.
  • Mobile phone: this number then it will use the platform to send gmail automatic verification code , so you must enter a valid phone number .
  • Your current email address: If you already have an email on another platform or even on the same Gmail , because you will enter it as mail recovery, ie if someday you lose access can retrieve it by a code will be sent to that second email.
  • Show us you’re not a robot: a simple captcha that implements Google to prevent automated account registration only complete in ” type text” the combination of letters and numbers that is.
  • Location: have there a pop with all countries of the world, you select your country of residence.

Create Gmail account

Once you make all these steps ticked the option I accept the terms of service and privacy policies below and squeeze the button ” next step”.

After that will be created and your Gmail account , you will be asked to complete only a few steps to set up your Google account and your Google Plus profile.

If you decide not to join I recommend you read the benefits of email gmail or if you already have an account and what you need is to enter your inbox we have a tutorial that explains in detail how to log into gmail. Hopefully, this article has been helpful.

If you have trouble creating a gmail leave us a message and we’ll help.

Gmail login

One of the main virtues of gmail accounts is that they are very powerful than Yahoo and Hotmail its main competitors in this market filter SPAM , . They have a very sophisticated algorithm to detect consignments mass mailings and unwanted . Although we recognize that it also has its negative aspect , often bounce emails are legitimate and never received them.

Another of his points in favor is the excellent design that have achieved today , simple to use and the most used options in sight , we are talking about writing a new message and reply message. We should mention that this design has been renovated a couple of months only , and was very well accepted by all users

This has been a simple summary , if you have questions or problems with the registry can view this article or CREATE ACCOUNT GMAIL if you are looking for help accessing your account I recommend you read ” GMAIL HOME ” .

Not only gmail is an email, but can also be accessed from the spot the old Gtalk , which although was not well received in the public messaging when it was created , because at that time led largely Microsoft with your Messenger today day is much used by Google plus profiles and Hangouts .

How to create an account and then log in.

If you are decided in joining to Gmail and creating your own is very simple, you just have to go to the official registration page is this one here :

Just fill out and complete with your personal data. After registering we recommend that you keep the email and password in a notebook or notepad, because as a new account you have many chances to forget some information .

Once you’ve created your Gmail , the next step is to enter again. To do this you will have to go to the front page of Google , and click on “log in ” button is blue you’ll see the top of your browser.

Once you agree there ‘ll be one step to start , you just write your username ( email ) and password when you do squeeze ” log in ” and will be redirected to your inbox .

I leave here a space for comments below so we can have public message exchanges , and our intention is to help others with your same problem can do .

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